The best lenses for your camera

We compare and review the best range of lenses for DLSR cameras suited to the serious photographer

Standard lens

A ‘fixed lens’, or fixed focal length lens, provides users with just one focal length – meaning it doesn’t zoom at all. These come as wide-angle, telephoto, macro or the ‘nifty-fifty’ – the workhorse for photographers.

wide-angle lens

A wide-angle lens has a field of view significantly wider than that of the human eye. You can just capture a huge amount of a scene in a single image.

Tele Photo lens

Telephoto lenses magnify the image, bringing the subject closer. Large telephotos (long lens) are popular with sports photographers, while shorter telephotos are often used for portrait photography.

macro lens

A macro lens is a lens designed for taking extreme close-up photos of a subject. Most macro lens can be used for normal photography but are more expensive than the equivalent lens without the macro capability.

fish-eye lens

A fisheye lens is quite specialized and not generally used for every day photography due to its highly distorted imagery. However it’s extremely wide angle of view is very useful in some applications.


A zoom lens offers the photographer a wide range of different focal lengths in a single lens. The zoom lens allows for simple re-framing of a scene while staying in the same physical position.

As professional photographers we are passionate about the equipment we use. Part of creating the perfect image is using the right gear to suit the situation and the subject … and of course the budget! Collectively we have been in the industry for over 70 years – that’s a lot of experience in a lot of different fields!

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camera lenses

A great range of professional lenses to choose from. I am a profressional photographer in the media industry and have been used both Canon and Nikon during my career.

Best Pro Camera Lens certainly offered what they said … a great selection of lenses at good prices.

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